Indicators are tools traders use to predict price movement. These indicators are of many types and used for various purposes. For instance, The Intelligent MK ASSISTANT platform has indicator to indicate when to enter or exit a trade. Additionally, others can be used to make a confirmation on price movement.
Indicators are potent tools that traders cannot neglect since they are designed to help traders identify trends, market movement, and patterns. Today, we have over a thousand indicators available for traders to use, but a significant issue is finding one that generates a high result.
Why  indicators are important ?
trading won’t be a complete package if there is no indicator. Yes, indicators are essential tools for technical traders. It is no surprise why we have numerous indicators, but only a few traders know how to use them properly. So then, what is the best indicator for trading?Well, the answer is subjective, depending on the view of the trader, but after various backtesting, we have discovered the best indicator for you.For those who lack the confidence to trade, indicators help boost one’s self-confidence. If you think they are made for professionals alone, then it will be depressing if you decide to trade in the market. 
With such a mindset, you will be a victim in the long run. However, the best thing to do is to familiarize yourself with these indicators by testing them on a demo account. In that way, you may have gained absolute confidence as to the capability of each indicator.Secondly, to appreciate the benefit of an indicator, you must know how to use it properly. Most traders lose money because they use indicators in the wrong way. It doesn’t matter if you have all it takes to use it. If you lack how to use it properly, you will lose money while trading. 
Therefore, it doesn’t stop in having the confidence to use it but to use it the right way.Additionally, you need to find the indicator that suits your trading pattern. This is where you have to create your strategy to test what works for you. You have to backtest these indicators to ascertain they produce good returns.


In business, experience and knowledge are closely related and critical. Trading is also a business because it has its theories that must be understood. You can understand these theories by reading about them. However, experience comes by practicing what you learn.However, to trade, you have to choose the right indicators that fit your strategy. Nevertheless, it is not an easy task to do because most people find it hard to determine what an indicator should have. Here are two features every good indicator must possess.

Easy to understand 

An indicator should be so simple that it helps you to make concrete decisions. Interestingly, technical factors are important reasons to aid your trading decisions. Your indicators are simply formulas created to help analyze the market better. Therefore, a good indicator must put this into consideration to make everything as simple as possible.

Not Complicated

Secondly, besides its simplicity, it shouldn’t be complicated when used. At times, it is easy to understand the mathematical calculation of the indicators but complicated when you want to implement it on a chart. A complicated indicator will add more confusion to your trading decision and eventually drain your capital.Once you understand the indicator and find it not complicated when analyzing the market, then you have found a good indicator. However, you must realize that there is no perfect indicator. Every indicator has good and bad sides. You only have to look for ways to use the weakness to your advantage.


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