Things you need to know about the Avatrade Broker

Things you need to know about the Avatrade Broker

Things you need to know about the Avatrade Broker

Avatrade Broker was founded in 2006, and it is one of the unique online Forex trading platforms. As you heard about the AVA group of companies that provides a variety of platforms for "Social Copy Trading" and the good thing is, Avatrade Broker is a part of that group.

They are considered as one of the former trading platforms. This company has four regional offices around the world; Australia, Japan, Ireland and Virgin Island. It is one of the most respected trading platforms that accept clients all over the world and offers a variety of best features.

Over time, Brokers enhances their quality. So, recently Avatrade Broker announced a partnership with the English Premier League to develop their business at the next level.

It is a low-risk place for naïve investors with a maximum trust score of "93 out of 99". They don't own a bank and also never trade publicly.

Here a pretty much introduction, now let’s move forward for regulation.

Roll and scroll!


Regulation of Avatrade Broker

Selecting a platform that is well respected and regulated by the strictest regulatory is a crucial element. Therefore, it's essential to focus on “Regulation” details of the broker to secure that whether you’re investing in the right place or not?

The different authorities regulate Avatrade Broker, and we have listed them down below:

  • They are synchronized by Central Bank of Ireland in Europe.
  • ASIC in Australia synchronizes them
  • In Japan, they are synchronized by FSA
  • In South Africa, they are synchronized by FSB

This is the primary reason why they are considered as one of the best online brokerages in terms of "Security, reliability and incorruptibility.”

Millions of people around the world trust them. So you don’t have to worry much about the regulation.

Pros and Cons



Regulated by ASIC


Regulated by FSA

Four Regional Offices


Let’s now further talk about the account types that Avatrade Broker is providing:


 Account Types of Avatrade Broker

There are several types of account that Avatrade Broker is offering:

  • Standard Account: This account is for the beginner's invertors and can be grant by the individuals
  • Corporate Account: This account is specifically for the professionals and can only be conceded by the legal entity
  • Islamic Account: This account is for those who want to follow the rules of SHARIAH. They even don’t charge you anything for the exchange account. 

Suppose you have much experience about the trading circle and want something different out of the box. In that case, you should contact the Avatrade Broker to open up a Professional Trading Account for your ease. 

Note* The purchase of the Professional Trading Account shall be higher than a standard account. 

But, they will demand you for at least 12 months of experience certificate in Financial Sector, Trading Activity of the last 12 months and holding a $500k portfolio value. 

You must try a "Demo account" refer to a professional Trading platform before investing money. 

Pros and Cons



Different Trading Accounts


Special Account for the Experienced Candidates

Minimum Deposit if $100


Let’s now move for the trading platform. 

Trading Platforms of Avatrade Broker

One of the unique things about Avatrade Broker is "The availability of a variety of trading platforms” for the trading reasons. You've got many options to choose according to your need like if you're a beginner or professional investor here is all available you want. 

Here’s some platform Avatrade Broker has to offer:

  • MetaTrader 4 Platform
  • MetaTrader 5 Platform
  • MetaTrader for Windows
  • MetaTrader for Mac 
  • MetaTrader for Web Trading system
  • AvaTradeAct Platform

There’s almost everything for everyone, and you can now trade on every single device. 

Pros and Cons



User-Friendly Trading Platforms

No Price Alerts

Clear Fee Report

Great Search Functions 


Now, let’s move towards the critical information that is related to the Avatrade Broker. 


The Spread of Avatrade Broker

Avatrade Broker is providing some of the quality spreads among all the brokers around the world; that's why people select them over so many times. They are regulated in major five continents and here's the complete detail of Spread that is related with Avatrade Broker:

  • GBP/USD Spread:

1.0 var

  • EUR/USD Spread:

0.7 var

  • EUR/GBP Spread:

1.7 var

  • Assets:


Note* They are offering more than 50+ Currency Pairs for trading. 

In addition to this, we are listing down the spreads of “CFDs” as well:

  • FTSE Spread:

0.5 pt

  • GBP/USD Spread

1.0 var

  • Oil Spread:


  • Stocks Spread:

0.13 Abv Market

That’s all about the spread section, and it’s now time to move towards the “Execution Time” section of the Avatrade Broker. 

Here you go!

Execution Time

 Avatrade Broker is offering two types of “Execution” for the investors same like other Brokers.

  • Instant Execution
  • Market Execution

Instant Execution is the one where the client carefully places the order by specifying the “order details.” You can set both volume and price for your benefit. This type of Execution is mainly used by the brokers named as “Market Maker Broker.”

While, on the other side; Market Execution is entirely different. The best thing about this type of Execution is that you can easily buy or sell assets at the current market prices. You don’t have to set a specific price and volume for your benefit. 

Let’s now head towards the Commission/Fee of the Avatrade Broker.




There is an average commission/fee of Avatrade Broker. The fee structure is merely porous, and you can easily calculate it on your own as well. 

As mentioned above, the lowest opening account fee is $100, and the deposit should go through credit card or also via wire transfer.

For Forex trading, there is a unique character of Avatrade brokers that they don't charge you a single penny. But, the firm does charge you for not being active which is $50 for not using the platform for more than a maximum of three months.

Also, they do charge $100 as an administration fee if you’re not working with the platform for more than 12 months. 

 Note* Some of the other charges may include; overnight interest, corporate actions and maturity rollover.


There are different offers which Avatrade is offering at a large scale. For all the residents that live outside Europe, Avatrade Broker providing them with a maximum leverage of 1:400 on Forex Trading and Indices. Avatrade Broker is also offering 1:200 influence on commodities and also 1:20 on individual stocks. 

Let's move for the Customer Care Services now!

Customer Care Services

You can contact the Avatrade Broker through:

  • Live Chat
  • Email 
  • Phone




They have a brilliant live chat service, and you can easily get connected with the negotiator within 5 minutes. Not only in the English language, but you can also contact them in more than seven different languages including; Chinese, French, Russian, Italian, German and more. 

Now, the phone call services of Avatrade Broker can be improved. No doubt, you’ll quickly find a lot of numbers to get the detail information from and that too locally, but for the international call, you may be possibly waiting to connected after 3-5 minutes with a high-cost rate. 

Also, we are skipping 24/7 availability from the Avatrade Broker. 

Now, it’s time to move towards the account opening and let’s see “How feasible it is to open an account and how to withdraw the profited money without inconvenience.”

How to open an account on Avatrade Broker

If you want to open an account and want to get the step by step guidance for Avatrade Broker, then you’ve to follow the instructions given down below:

  • If you want to open an account, then you need to move towards the official website by Clicking Here and then after doing so click on the Register Now button.
  • Upon clicking, you’ll be again directed to a registration page and here’s how the registration page:
  • Now, carefully enter the First Name, Last Name and Email to get started and then click on Create Account and you’re almost done.
  • After doing this, Verify your account now, and you’re finally done.



Pros and Cons



Fast Opening


Fully Digital

Low Minimum Deposit

How to withdraw/deposit money

Withdrawal and Depositing the money process is much simple, and it can be done by without “putting yourself in any complications.”

Let’s find it out!

  • The very step is to Login to your account by your email address.
  • Once you logged in, go to the withdrawal option.
  • Now, carefully fill the withdrawal form and then click on the ok button.
  • Your application is going to be set soon within 24 business hours.

Now, it’s time to relate the Avatrade Broker with the best in the business known as “XM Broker.”

Here you go!

Avatrade Broker vs XM Broker

XM Broker

Avatrade Broker

Overall Ratings: 4/5

Overall Ratings: 4.5/5

Trust Score: 80

Trust Score: 93

Year Founded: 2009

Year Founded: 2006

Publicly Traded: No

Publicly Traded: No

Bank: No

Bank: No

ASIC Authorized: Yes

ASIC Authorized: Yes

FSA Authorized: No

FSA Authorized: Yes

Forex: Spot Trading: Yes

Forex: Spot Trading: Yes

Social Trading: Yes 

Social Trading: Yes

Platforms and Tools Rating: 3.5/5

Platforms and Tools Rating: 3.5/5


Which Trading Platform is Best? 

There are two main types of trading platforms that Avatrade Broker is offering:

  • MetaTrader 4
  • MetaTrader 5

Let’s break out the benefits of all:


  • User-Friendly characteristics
  • Allowance to all the major Forex trading features
  • Variety of Language Support
  • Multi-Currency Support
  • Automated Trading


  • MQL5 Trading Signals
  • 21 Time Frames and 38 Technical Indicators
  • 4 Execution Modes
  • Market Depth, Netting Availability and Hedging

You can easily get the latest "MT5" Trading account because it has more options than MT4. But don’t forget that MetaTrader 4 is the latest upgraded features as well. 

  1. Now, you must be surprised about “How to download the trading platform of Avatrade Broker, right?” Click here to download the trading platform of your needs. 

Now, it’s time that we move towards the “Advantages and Disadvantages” of Avatrade Brokers. Let's about it!

Advantages and Disadvantages of Avatrade Broker

We will first take a start from the advantages and then head towards the disadvantages. So, without taking much time further, here you go again!


  • They facilitate you with more than 250+ trading instruments including Forex, Commodities, Cryptocurrencies and Metal
  • The potential to trade the “Forex” for 24 hours a day and seven days a well is a plus point
  • They have several trading platforms for you; MT4 and MT5. Guess what? You can easily download them on any available device
  • The strictest regulations in the world monitor them, and that means "There are no chances of scams and frauds.”
  • Customer Service is best and 24/5 available in more than seven languages
  • Free Education and webinars are offered to the newbie
  • They offer you pretty much Bonuses as well

Let’s now discuss the disadvantages:


  • they aren’t accepting clients from America which means the NFA doesn't regulate them
    • restricted Deposit Methods
  • Spread starting from 0.8 pips, and if we see the competitors, then they are offering the Spread as minimum as 0.0 pips


Bonuses, Contests and Promotions

Over time, they change the opening bonuses that are presenting to new customers. You can see all the promotions by Clicking Here because they change everything after a month or two. 

Nowadays, they are offering a 40% deposit bonus for naïve customers, and you'll like it straightaway after your first deposit. 

But, here are a few “Terms and Conditions” that you must follow, and you can take help from the customer to make things more understandable. 

There’s restricted information shared by the Avatrade Broker on the main official website, and they share the lead at the spot. 

Bottom Line

Avatrade Broker is monitored by the world’s best “Regulatory” and has a trust score of “93 out of 100.” The account opening is effortless, several accounts for beginners, professionals and experienced investors, great deposit/withdraw options and that also free of cost. 

The lowest deposit amount is $100, and your account will be all set within no time. 

That's all about the“Avatrade Broker” and if you have any queries, you can ask us freely in the comment section down below.



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